Denture Stabilization ​By Dr Joe Gillespie

Dr. Joe Gillespie has Placed over 10,000 Dental Implants Since 2002 and Helped 1000's of Patients regain their confidence, Happiness, and Quality of Life with Denture Stabilization. As a National expert He is a

Great Resource for Charleston and South Carolina residents.

Welcome to Our Dental Family. At the Dental Implant Centre in Charleston, SC we put your Oral Health and Well Being FIRST.  We Invite You to Come in CALL US For a FREE CONSULTATION, 843.388.9690. At the Dental Implant Centre We Believe "Your Smile is Priceless!" 

​Denture Stabilization is our Focus: using Dental Implants to Enhance Chewing Function and Patient Satisfaction. A Simple: One Treatment Visit involves Immediate Placement, Immediate Function, Quick Recovery times. This Procedure is one of the "Best Treatments in Dentistry."

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Welcome To Your New Smile Experience In Charleston, SC. Dr. Joe Gillespie Uses Immediate Dental Implant Anchors to Secure Dentures 

Your Most Affordable Option For Dental Implant Stabilized Teeth

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